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Agua de Madre kefir Water 2 x 75cl - Original Ginger

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Kiss goodbye to hangovers with these two 75cl bottles of Agua de Madre. Craft-brewed in small batches at our fermentary in Hackney, we use only organic ingredients. We're a low-sugar, low-alcohol drink that packs a flavour punch. Hangover-free, even if you're a party animal.


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Drinking alcohol is all fun and games until the next morning rolls around. Sometimes we can't afford to feel depleted the next day. If you're tired of that foggy-headed, post-party, low energy feeling, Agua de Madre has got your back. We invented Agua de Madre because we wanted something special to drink that wouldn't leave our equilibrium out of whack. A fermented drink, Agua de Madre has the satisfying hopsy kick of booze.


With 55 billion live cultures per 100ml, you'll get all the benefits of good gut health too: boosted energy levels and immunity, clearer skin, better quality of sleep. Plus it soothes the gut, so it won't leave your tummy bloated or upset.


Winner of an Imbibe Taste Award, Agua de Madre is a delicious go-to drink when you're celebrating but don't want to sacrifice your equilibrium. Keep the Madre chilled and drink 250ml a day for a gut-health boost.


Ingredients: organic ginger, cane sugar, lemon, figs and natural fruit extracts.

Allergy information: This kefir is suitable for vegans / those with lactose intolerance. Get all the live cultures you need without having to drink a drop of milk.

Contains trace alcohol (<1.2% abv). Always keep chilled, and once opened, drink within a week.

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