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Beer Lovers Complete Collection

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Wow, just wow. This gift has it all - literally. All our incredible craft beers paired with mouth-watering snacks. Matching classics like beer and crackling are a must, but why not try something new like some artisan biscuits designed to accompany the beer. Experiment and devour to your heart’s content!

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With such a wide range of craft beer, picking one can be overwhelming at times. We say, try them all! This present is worthy of a king (or queen), combining everything beer into an extraordinary gift - A beer lovers paradise. 

Filled with FodaBox favourites, this gift contains over 50 marvellous products. 27 beers from iconic beer distilleries from all across the UK, find familiar faces such as ‘Hiver’, ‘Brew by Numbers’ and ‘Partisan’ as well as some our favourites including ‘Jiddler's Tipple’ and ‘First Chop’. To add to your tasting experience, we’ve included a range of mouth-watering beer snacks to the mix.


Below we have a summary of over 27 products and producers featured in this gift. Please click the links below to further explore them!

Brew by Numbers, better known as BBNo now stocks over 350 different beers across an expansive range of styles. Best-known for their beer diversity: hoppy, modern saisons; mixed fermentation farmhouse ales; hazy, vibrant dark coffee beers, nitro stouts, highly-hopped pale ales & IPAs. BBNo beers are frequently described as bold, balanced and drinkable, regardless of style or strength and have been ranked as one of the Top 100 Breweries in The World by RateBeer.
Featuring: Loral Keller Pils 5.0% ABV Can 330ml, Mosaic Session IPA 4.2% ABV Can 330ml, Pink Lady Saison 5.0% ABV Can 330ml and Loral Kolsch 4.8% ABV Can 330ml.

Crate is a small, growing and very proudly independent business that was established in 2012 when the Olympics were in full swing just over the canal. With strong ties to Hackney Wick and its people, CRATE thrives on creativity, free-thinking, and working hard. The experimental brewhouse is where all the Limited-Edition beers are created. Alongside the full CRATE range, there are rotating taps to showcase the best of the craft beer world, plus fridges packed with handpicked gems.
Featuring: Pale Ale 4.5% ABV Can 330ml and Session IPA 4.5% ABV Can 330ml.

First Chop Brewing Arm was established in 2012 with a passion to make great beer and a borrowed microbrewery. First Chop beer is vegan, and the majority of their beer is also gluten-free. Tested and certified gluten-free beer at First chop carries the cross-grain logo and clearly states gluten-free, it is just testament to their stringent quality procedures.
Featuring: Red Salford Red 4.6% ABV Can 330mlSyl Black Jaggery IPA 6.2% ABV Can 330mlPod Classic Vanilla Oatmeal Stout 4.2% Can 330mlJam Mango Pale 4% ABV Can 330ml and AVA Hoppe Blonde Ale 3.5% ABV Can 330ml.

Five Points Brewing Company is an independent brewery based in Hackney, London, brewing with a commitment to quality and the community since 2013. Five Points champion flavour, provenance, consistency and quality, and their range of award-winning beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised for a better flavour and aroma. Their beers are inspired by the founders’ passion for both the British real ale tradition and the best of the international craft beer movement.
Featuring: Jupa 5.5% Can 330ml, XPA 4% Can 330ml and Pale 4.4% Can 330ml.

Jiddler’s Tipple is about super tasty beer, for everyone crafter by home brewer Jacob Liddle (The Jiddler). The beers are delicious, drinkable and dressed in personally selected, funky, vintage shirts. This means they’re as easy on the eyes as they are on the taste buds. Jiddler's Tipple is a marriage of two of Jacob's greatest passions in life - beer and crazy shirts!
Featuring: Everyday Sessionable Pale Ale 3.8% ABV 330ml and Bog Standard Lager 3.8% ABV 330ml.

Partizan Brewing is a micro-brewery based in South Bermondsey that produces high-quality beer since 2012. Andy Smith and Andy Moffat inherited the old Kernel Brewery kit from Evin O'Riordain in 2012 to kickstart Partizan's existence. 
Featuring: Porter 5.6% ABV Bottle 330ml and Lemon & Thyme Saison 3.8% ABV Bottle 330ml.

Toast Ale was set up in 2015 to bring people together and create positive change for the planet. Obsessed with saving the planet from bread waste, Toast use surplus bread to replace virgin barley, reduce the demand for land, water and energy, and avoid emissions by letting nothing go to waste. The brewers go against the grain, fermenting change with every barrel so that the punters raising a glass down the local can make a conscious effort to saving the planet over a pint. Here’s to a beer with more taste and a world without waste! 
Featuring: Sesssion IPA 4.5% ABV Can 330ml and American Pale Ale 4.8% ABV Can 330ml.

Small Beer company is located in South Bermondsey, with the brewery nestled in between South Bermondsey station & the Old Kent Road. Pop in to see the very best Small Beer being brewed with the best quality malt and hop varieties using twice the typical amount of ingredients per percentage point brewed.⁠ The beers don’t use any vacuum distilling, reverse osmosis, filtration, processing, added stabilisers, arrested fermentation, clarifiers or isinglass in the process. It’s Just water, malted barley, hops, oats & yeast!
Featuring: Session Pale 2.5% ABV Can 330ml and Steam 2.7% ABV Bottle 330ml.

Clean Water Lager 4.5% ABV Can 330ml by Brewgooder: An award-winning, crisp, zesty craft lager made with crystal malts and Sorachi Ace hops to create a unique beer made in the traditional lager style. For every 24 cans of Clean Water Lager sold by the Brewgooder team, they commit to providing a person in Malawi with life-changing clean drinking water for a minimum of 5 years.

British Pale Ale 4.5% ABV Bottle 330ml by Empress: Produced by an award-winning brewery and its chefs and restaurateurs in London, Empress Ale is a premium craft British Pale Ale that is smooth, light and easy-drinking and made with the finest of natural ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.

Beer Blonde Ale Bottle 330ml by Hiver Honey: Brewing right on our doorstep, this Hiver is a dry, crisp and refreshing blonde beer that has been brewed with honey. They use honey as an ingredient, as is traditional to this beer style, rather than as an additive. This means that much of the sugar is fermented out so only the aroma and flavour remain.

Lager 4% ABV Bottle 330ml by Fabal: A delicate lager with a clean and refreshing taste and a dry finish; the best pressed and malted barley has been sourced to give this lager it's lovely soft taste.

Ninkasi ABV 9% 750ml by Wild Beer Co: Ninkasi is the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer and it as an apt name for this truly divine Belgian-style saison. It is made using New Zealand hops, freshly harvested Somerset apple juice and wild yeast. A lovely beer for any celebration.

British Snack Co - Snacks done differently. The first product, Awfully Posh Pork Crackling, was developed by founder Tom Lock in his mum’s kitchen. In 2013, the company was founded to scale up production and launch the pork crackling to the UK market. Since the humble beginnings in 2013, the mission has been to create the tastiest snacks money can buy. Lovingly crafted, outrageously delicious and quintessentially quirky.
Featuring: Chilli and Roasted Garlic Pork Crackling 40g and Pork Puffs 25g.

Made for Drinks are a small family business with a humble ambition to make the world’s best bar snacks. They believe that food & drink brings people together like nothing else and it’s why we do what we do. Made for Drink was started in 2016 serving Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck Group, Fortnum & Mason and Rick Stein, all made and delivered from the village hall in Waltham St Lawrence. Three years on and some of their delicious products are made at the new purpose-built kitchens in Maidenhead, Berkshire and supply over 300 of the world’s leading food & drink establishments with bar snacks of equal standing.
Featuring: Duck Fritons 30g and Mangalitza Salami Chips 23g.

At Howdah sense-assaulting snacky things get produced with a purpose. These tasty bites are areas full-throttle, edge-of-your-seat, pulse-racingly Exotic as you can get. The founders believe in food that goes further so every bag helps a child in need to get the chances they deserve. So howdah you fancy a helping handful? Featuring: Bombay Mix Snacks 150g and Onion Bhaji Snacks 150g.

Serious Pig source high-quality pork from the very best British farms and then ensure that the curing, roasting and packaging processes are rigorous to develop the best flavours. They obsess over the quality, taste and texture of their delicious snacks. 
Featuring: Classic Snacking Salami 28gSpiced Snackingham 35gSmoked Bacon Snackling 35gCornish Sea Salted Peanuts 40gCrunchy Snacking Cheese 24g and Snacking Pickles 40g.

Soffles produce all-natural pitta chips made with FRESH ingredients and oven-roasted with olive oil until crunchy! At their best with BEERS and DIPS!! Originally made in East London for friends as a pre-dinner beer snack, the chips have come along way from the garden shed where they were first produced. Soffles Pitta Chips contain absolutely nothing artificial or any preservatives, 100% natural ingredients that makes for the best snack.
Featuring: Spring Onion & Italian Cheese Pitta Chips Sharer Bag 165g and Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips Sharer Bag 165g.

Classic Beef Sticks (5/pack) by Moons Green: What more could you want with your beer than a meaty beef stick? This is individually wrapped charcuterie made from meat from family-run, local farms. Best enjoyed whilst sipping an ice-cold beer.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Cashews 130g by Chikas: Delicious cashew nuts, that are gluten-free, oil-free, vegan and 100% natural. Chika was inspired by her time spent in West Africa and created a selection of truly incredible snacks.

Parmesan, Toasted Pine Nuts & Basil Biscuits 110g by The Drinks Bakery: A great taste award winner in 2018, these delicious biscuits have been especially created to enjoy with drinks. Fizz, white wine, honey or pils beers are a perfect match.

Crisps Sweet Chilli 150g by Fairfields Farm: Harvesting their potatoes in East Anglia, these are delicious crisps made using only natural ingredients. One of our favourite flavours is sweet chilli.

Perello Gordal Picante Can 150g by Brindisa: These are delicious, authentic Spanish olives. Spain produces more olives than any other country and you can see why when they taste that good! They are green, crisp and fleshy with a touch of heat from the guindilla chillies in the marinade.

Smoky BBQ & Onion Beer Bread 465g by The Jar House: Made fresh to order this beer bread is perfect for baking at home. Simply add a 330ml brew, mix and bake! Made using natural ingredients, British flour and fairtrade sugar.

Pale Ale Gourmet Popcorn 32g by Joe & Seph's: This is the delightfully crisp air-popped popcorn with refreshing tonic and dry gin to finish. Made with 5% real spirit this Gin & Tonic Gourmet Popcorn is not to be missed by gin lovers.

Chicken Crackling Habernero Chilli 30g by Little Bobby Jebbs: Sweet, crispy crackling with a kick of habanero chilli; this crackling has been made in the UK and is gluten-free. Using a new recipe and with no artificial flavours or colourings, it's a crunchy, moreish snack.

Chilli & Rosemary Snack Pack 50g by Olly's Olives: The fiery olive that adds the Wild into the Wild West! Delicious juicy green Halkidiki olives marinated in a mouth-watering blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, spicy red chilli and the perfect sprinkle of rosemary. The perfect healthy on-the-go snack!

Sweet Tomato and Chilli Chutney 180g by LovePickle: Basing each condiment on an old family recipe, this chutney perfectly balances sweet tomatoes and chilli. Using herbs like fennel and onion seeds brings out the sweetness and the spiciness so it's a beautiful blend.

Spicy Tomato Relish 210g by Rubies in the Rubble: Premium preserves made from otherwise discarded fruit and veg. Spicy Tom all day long! Ideal for Tommy fans! Fresh British tomatoes with roasted Indian spices. This award-winning relish is a classic crowd-pleaser with a kick.

Pablo Diablo - Jalapeno & Lime Hot Sauce 150ml by Tubby Tom's: Vegan friendly with a real kick of jalapeno, you can use this sauce when barbecuing, cooking or just to dip your chips into. You can even spice up your salad by adding this to the dressing, it's a versatile and fresh-tasting sauce.

Bacon & Chilli Jam 284g by Gingerbeard Preserves: What are your favourite three drink and food items...that's right here they are in a jam format: beer, bacon and chilli - triple whammy! Using free-range bacon, Cascabel chillies and Arbor Ales' breakfast stout this is a medium spiced jam with bits of bacon and smoky, nutty undertones. 

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*Occasionally some products may change due to the limited volumes of product that our producers can make. We will always replace any item that is unavailable with a similar item of greater or equal value that meets the exceptionally high standards that a product needs to make it into a FodaBox.


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