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Beetroot Wine Vinegar

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Beetroot Wine Vinegar carries a rich earthy flavour - fans of pickled beetroot will love this vinegar.

We source our beetroots from a farm a mile down the road. The fresh intense vegetables gives this vinegar a vibrant colour and surprisingly earthy taste.

It is great drizzled over roasting veg before cooking, adding to warming stews and casseroles, or using for quick pickles. If you are a fan of pickled beetroot then you will love this vinegar.

Many people enjoy a teaspoon of vinegar as a daily tonic taken neat or in your favourite fruit juice, Beetroot Wine vinegar works well like this.


Made from scratch with all natural ingredients this 100% Beetroot Wine Vinegar contains no allergens, sulphites, additives or additional preservatives. It is a 'live' unpasteurised vinegar containing 'the mother', full of natural goodness and suitable for vegans. 

Our intentionally slow double fermentation and ageing processes make vinegars with depth and complex flavour profiles. We take great care to produce our vinegars with the upmost consideration for environmental and sustainability issues.



Store in a cool dark place. Unopened bottles will last indefinitely but once opened consume within a year as the flavour will fade over time.

The vinegar is available in two bottle sizes, the larger elegantly designed 200ml bottle and a smaller 50ml taster bottle.



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