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Five Summer Snacks to Keep Kids Happy and Healthy

Term has ended and the summer holidays stretch out into the distance! Free for the first time all year, kids just want to have fun. We know that, and at FodaBox we’ve put our heads together to come up with five top healthy snacks to keep them full of energy and staying healthy.

Big on flavour and colossal on crunch, Well & Truly's brand new flavour of delicious gluten free crunchy sticks is here! Smokey Paprika is deliciously savoury and a little spicy. Baked in small batches and seasoned with the best all natural ingredients, they’re perfect at a picnic, party or play date. Kids love them!

With 40% less fat than most treats, Well & Truly’s baked corn snacks are gluten free and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Stock up with a seven-pack and make sure every nibble, at any time of day, is tasty and healthy.

Well & Truly Smokey Paprika on FodaBox BlogsWell & Truly Smokey Paprika on FodaBox Blogs
Wibble Jelly Pots on FodaBox BlogsWibble Jelly Pots on FodaBox Blogs

Wibble plant-based jelly pots are the first ever jelly pot that uses actual fresh pressed juices! Low in sugar and a great source of vitamin C, these pots are the perfect pick-me-up for kids and adults alike.

Created by jelly lovers, for jelly lovers, these 100% natural, healthy little delights are low in calories and bursting with real fruit nutrients. Turn any treat or reward into a health boost! That’s what founder Laura calls ‘the Wibble way’.

Bolster your children’s health and make them over the moon all at once with these premium and rare Pili Nuts. Grown in the volcanic soil surrounding Mount Mayon in the Philippines, the tree takes up to 10 years to produce! 

Pili Nuts are carefully sprouted in purified mountain spring water, to radically boost their energy, and preserve their nutritional benefits. Containing more antioxidants than Green Tea, these nuts are the perfect snack to feed the family.

Cacao Pili Nuts on FodaBox BlogsCacao Pili Nuts on FodaBox Blogs
Pea Pops Variety Pack on FodaBox BlogsPea Pops Variety Pack on FodaBox Blogs

Filled with our absolute favourites, this gift has been curated with flavour combinations in mind. Drinks Bakery Biscuits blend perfectly with spicy Perello olives to create a flavour sensation when paired with our classic prosecco. With each item complimenting the next, reward any in-need-of-a-reward teacher with a sophisticated foodie gift at the end of term.

Jungle Fruits are a dried fruit snack brand that doesn't mess around when it comes to food! They think nature got it right the first time. That’s why all their snacks are 100% natural fruit. These delicious dried mangoes are the perfect place to start and are great for kids.

With a percentage of their profits going to The Rainforest Foundation, there’s no end to the good you can do when you and your kids eat well!

Dried Mango Jungle Fruits on FodaBox BlogsDried Mango Jungle Fruits on FodaBox Blogs

That wraps up our five picks for kid-friendly healthy treats this summer. If you like what you see, head to our healthy snacks or drinks section to discover more incredible produce from small businesses!

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