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Hand-Toasted Peanuts 12x41g

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103-ENSO - 20
CHIKA’S Hand Toasted Peanuts, or ‘Epa’ nuts as we call them in Nigeria, are completely unique, they are a creamier, richer variety of peanut. They are dried under the African sun before hand toasting over a wood fire. 100% natural, high protein, vegan friendly, gluten-free. 12 x 41g snack packs.
CHIKA'S Hand Toasted Peanuts are completely unique, fantastically superior to any other peanut available in Europe. We work with communities directly in Nigeria who grow our 'epa' nuts, a smaller and more intense variety of peanut, they are then dried under the sun, before hand-toasting over a wood fire for their distinctive, rich flavour. Not fried in oil so all you get is an amazing, natural-tasting West African peanut that is rich in antioxidants and high in fibre and protein. 100% natural, 1% salt, no oil, vegan friendly, gluten-free. 12x41g snack pack.
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