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Chilli Sauce Lovers Large Gift Set

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The Chilli Sauce Lovers Large Gift Set is the perfect foodie gift for any chilli lover! Select any 5 delicious sauces in full size bottles!


Stuck for gift ideas for the chilli sauce lover in your life? There are two ways you can go when buying for chilli sauce fanatics; you can either buy something so hot they pass out when trying it, or you can buy them a collection of sauces that titillate the tastebuds and fascinate their senses. Let's call option 1 the ""novelty option"" for now - buy an apocalyptically hot sauce as a gift and you'll get a few minutes pleasure while you watch your friends and family dare each other to prove how hardcore their heat tolerance is, but after that the sauce will be consigned to the back of the cupboard for all eternity. On the other hand, if you buy a variety pack of well thought-out, original and handmade chilli sauces you'll be giving them a gift they can enjoy every day. What makes the sauces in this pack special? As much as we love super-heated condiments we're much more into creating flavours that appeal on many levels, not just heat that is turned up to 11. There are some darned hot sauces in our range but we created this variety pack to give people the chance to sample something truly new and original. Even if you pick the sauces for this gift pack totally at random we're confident that you'll really impress anyone you know that adores spicy food.


Passion: Mango, carrot, mild red chillies, sugar, onion, white vinegar, water,lime juice and zest, garlic, salt.

Habit: Water, mild red chillies, sugar, white vinegar, garlic, cornflour, salt, xanthum gum

Desire: Tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid), sugar, chipotle morita chillies, red wine vinegar (contains sulphites), Spanish paprika, salt.

Chance: Tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid), rice vinegar, garlic, water, onions, sugar, rapeseed oil, Habanero chillies, fish sauce (anchovy extract 77%, salt 20%, sugar 3%). Allergy information: Contains fish sauce.

Essence: Tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid), white vinegar, onions, fresh lime juice and zest, Habanero chillies, water, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, black pepper.

Compulsion: Water, prunes (preservative: sorbic acid), white vinegar, tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid), Naga/Ghost chillies, salt.

Reason: White vinegar, Habanero chillies, water, onions, garlic, Naga/Ghost chillies, Cascabel chillies, herbs and spices, mustard powder, salt, white pepper. Allergy Information: Contains mustard powder.

Midnight 21 - hot: honey, soy sauce (water, salt, colour E150a, sugar, soybeanswheat) rice vinegar, garlic, Carolina Reaper chillies, rapeseed oil.

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