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Lower sugar yumminess! For ages, we hunted high and low for a deliciously healthy, protein-packed snack that was easy to eat on the run. You know, for those moments when your stomach is grumbling, you’re flagging and you’ve got 2 minutes to spare before you’re dragged into a meeting / about to hop on the train / stuck on the school run / (insert busy life stuff). We didn’t want a snack that just sounded healthy but was actually full of sugar. We were looking for a lovely, low GI option. Something really yummy – not worthy-tasting or weirdly unnatural. In the end, we got tired of searching, so we made our own. You could say Nibble was born out of desperation!

There’s a reason why there aren’t many low-sugar products around, making them is a massive technical challenge. But happily (a few hundred test batches later), we got there in the end! Made in the UK, our bites are made with the finest natural ingredients including antioxidant-rich dried plum purée and our very own bespoke chocolate (tell me more. .. ). Our bites are super nutritious, with less sugar and more yummy flavours. Perfect for healthy eating on the go. Enjoy!