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The Dormen Food Company


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The Dormen Food Company

As the Purveyors and Connoisseurs of Nuts, the Dormen have been producing an exemplary snacking experience for over 30 years.

From humble beginnings, we are immensly proud to have built a fine heritage as the premier nut and snack supplier to many of the UK's finest hotels and establishments. The Dormen Nut Company was created as an artisan nut producer in London in 1985, to cater for the needs of the luxury hotel market in London. It was an instant success due to sourcing the finest nuts from around the world.

Tending to every nut with uncomprimising passion, our team of dedicated experts use their tasting know-how to create harmonious flavour combinations and truly memorable snacking moments.

Each nut is gently friend and toasted in small batches. Once cooled, our mixes are delicately seasoned and double filtered by hand to prevent the excess flavoured 'dust' you can find.