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Wonderchup are an authentic new "superhero" food business which launched in January 2018. Their aim is to create the healthiest alternatives to existing favourites in the condiment and cereal market.

It all started back in Summer 2014, when the founder made their first batch of ketchup, fresh with delicious Isle of Wight Tomatoes. The Isle of Wight has the most sunshine in the UK, and using their crop would mean more Vitamin C for my little peeps. This was the first natural deliberate improvement available at short notice. In addition to this to make the product healthier both sugar and salt were left aside. A simple combination of tomatoes, roasted peppers (to add sweetness), fennel, garlic, onion, rosemary, a bit of olive oil to emulsify and it was ready for a family BBQ.

Now Wonderchup continues to innovate and improve their products with no hidden salt, sugar and only using fresh and nutrient rich premium products.
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