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NEW. The ultimate Firetree experience. The 25g Firetree Tasting Gift Box contains all seven single-estate varietals in our new 25g bar format, sent to you in a beautiful gift box. Ranging from 69% to 100% cocoa, grown in volcanic soil, the full Firetree Tasting Box is a true exploration in taste.

Each pack guides you with tasting notes and provides information on the singles estates where our amazing beans are grown and harvested. The Gift Box was created to allow everyone to taste a range of Firetree Chocolate single-estates, each bar bringing different taste notes from their island origins. The perfect gift to yourself or friends and families - and our topseller.

Firetree Chocolate Tasting Bar Gift Box (7 x 25g Bar)

The Bars:

Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, 100% - The unique and complex flavours of this chocolate are teased out during the long, slow process of whole bean roasting. This drives out any bitterness to reveal a pure 100% cocoa flavour that will surprise and delight the most refined chocolate palates. Tasting notes. Dates and rich cacao.

Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, 69% - Grown on a family farm, the unique qualities of our cocoa beans are protected from the sun by the shade of coconut trees. The harvesting, de-podding and fermentation are undertaken by the extended family, whose care and skill assures a rare and exquisite chocolate experience. Tasting Notes. Red fruits, citrus and plum, with enduring cocoa undertones.

Madagascar, Sambirano Valley, 84% - The microclimate of the Sambriano Valley, which lies within the volcanic hills of the north west of Madagascar, provides the humid conditions for growing perfect cocoa. The lush soils and generous shade of the broadleaf forest ensure a chocolate of character and depth. Tasting notes. Raspberry and rich red fruit tones create a zesty character.

Vanuatu, Malekula Island, 72% - Malekula is a tiny island, blessed with rich volcanic soils. Due to the care of the indigenous farmers and collaboration with the main island to develop the best agricultural practices, the estate produces cacao of outstanding quality and calibre. Tasting notes. Cherry, soft lemon and white grape aromas give an essence of lush fruit. 

Papua New Guinea, Karkar Island, 72% -  This volcanic island is home to two family cocoa farms employing most of the population. Good farming practices and long-held skills of fermentation and drying combine to ensure a superb tasting chocolate. Tasting notes. Walnut and wild mushroom yield to intense cocoa, ending with truffles.

Solomon Islands, Makira island, 75% - Makira has two guest houses, a grass landing strip, a small hospital, and Lucy's all-female cocoa farm. It is the personal, artisanal nature of the farm that ensures the distinct character of this delightful chocolate. Tasting notes. Soft grapefruit and raisin tones married with rich caramel. 

Philippines, Mindanao Island, 73% - Our cocoa is grown in the lush volcanic hills under a canopy of coconut palms and plantain leaves ten degrees north of the equator. Tasting notes. Citrus, honey and caramel layers yield a gentle yet rich taste. To enjoy fully, take time to let the flavours develop on the palate.

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