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Lucious Lemon Fruity Tipples Liqueur 200 ml

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A natural real fruit vodka liqueur made with hand prepared lemons perfect for mixing into cocktails and spritzers and for sipping like a limocello

Lemon sherbet on the nose, truly refreshing

Fresh and vibrant lemons are hand peeled and squeezed then combined with a smooth English spirit to create this sharp, zesty and bright lemon liqueur. Packing a truly refreshing lemon tipple with a real taste of fresh lemons. Perfect served chilled over ice to stimulate the appetite like any good aperitif. Mix into cocktails like a lemon martini or a lemon margarita

Tasting notes

Lemon sherbet on the nose, fresh and clean with a well-balanced finish.

Serving suggestions

For a refreshing lemon martini shake over ice with your favourite dry gin, serve shaken not stirred garnish with lemon and lime. For an indulgent lemon capri combine with espresso coffee & cream,it’s like espresso martini meets lemon merringue pie

500 ml

Ingredients : Fruit Vodka sugar no known allergens

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