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Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Box (serves 4)

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308-308 strawberry daiquiri ing set

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A Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail kit in a box -all the ingredients you need, to make 4 delicious strawberry daiquiris simply add ice and fresh lime

A Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail kit in a box - all the ingredients you need to make 4 delicious strawberry daiquiris, just add your own ice and fresh lime juice.


Strawberry daiquiri a twist on a favourite cocktail of Earnest Hemmingway. This strawberry daiquiri is simple and sublime, a delicate blend of rum and strawberry sweetness with the raw freshness of lime juice. A wonderful treat for any night!

This kit has enough ingredients to serve 4


The kit includes:

  • 200 ml Fruity Tipples Sumptuous strawberry liqueur
  • 200 ml Dark Rum
  • 30 g strawberry conserve
  • 1 sachet of dried strawberry pieces
  • 2x packs of love hearts

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