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Jukes 1, Non-Alcoholic Drink - 9x3cl Bottles Gift Box

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Jukes are non-alcoholic drinks, blending the finest, natural, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices with organic apple cider vinegar. Jukes 1 is your finest white wine alternative. Designed to be mixed with still or sparkling water.

-Centred around a citrus and herb theme

-9 x 30ml bottles in a box

-Alcohol free

-Apple Cider Vinegar based, Vegan

-Low Calories (16Kcal per glass when mixed)

-Made in London

1 bottle makes approximately two 125ml glasses (9 bottles mixed with water equates to the same volume as 3 bottles of wine).

Ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, peach, cucumber, plum, apple, pineapple, natural flavourings.

Serve and store: 1 bottle of Jukes 1 makes two 125ml glasses. First pour 125ml of chilled still, sparkling or even tonic water into a wine glass, then pour in half a bottle of Jukes 1. Stir, taste and then adjust to your palate. We love it especially with chilled sparking water. Refrigerate the bottle once opened.

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