Multiple Address Checkout

Multiple Address Checkout

Whether you are ordering for one or many, we’ve made it easy!

When you have 2 or more items in your basket, you’ll see an option to Ship to Multiple Addresses. Simply tick the box next to this option and the checkout will automatically transform to our multi-address checkout.

Now you can choose how many of each product you would like to be shipped, and where. You can either manually add addresses, but for even speedier checkout, create an account and add your delivery addresses first. As long as you are logged in when checking out, you’ll be able to select your addresses easily from the multi-address checkout.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our collection of letterbox friendly products and ensure all your recipients receive their deliveries with no fuss, and no faff!

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No job is too big or small for our Corporate team. We say “yes” where others say “no”, and pride ourselves on a flexible approach to your business needs. From sourcing unique products to curating corporate gift hampers that truly represent your brand, we can help you keep your workforce feeling appreciated, engaged and productive. Everything we source is tried and tested by us, and the flavours speak for themselves.

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