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Pasta alla Trapanese Recipe Box (Trapani)

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Inspired by Trapani, Sicily, discover inside this recipe parcel the 4 ingredients needed to create a Strazzanti classic, Pasta alla Trapanese. A quick, impressive fuss-free meal.

Discover inside The Trapani Recipe Parcel the ingredients & recipe card to make your own Pasta alla Trapanese, a typical dish from Trapani, a city on the west coast of Sicily protruding into the Mediterranean Sea. Its fishing port, Salt Pans and its close proximity to Tunisia play a large role in the city's culinary discoveries. Perfect for 2 portions and that quick impressive dish! If you're making for 4 people, add an extra jar of Pesto alla Trapanese to your order.


What's included:

1 x Strazzanti Pesto alla Trapanese 200g – Our signature pesto which we serve at our supper clubs is a well-known pesto from Trapani. The pesto is rich in Sicilian almonds with our almonds being the Val di Noto variety which is paired together with basil, garlic, capuliatu tomatoes & pecorino cheese roughly blitzed to the perfect texture to serve through the classic Sicilian shaped Busiate pasta. You can also add in some fresh cherry tomatoes for extra texture!

1 x 500g Organic Artisanal Busiate Pasta - from Libera Terra cold-pressed semolina (<40°C) & bronze drawing

100g x Pecorino Cheese

Crushed Sicilian Almonds

Recipe Card


Serves: 2

Shelf life unopened: 1 month – 2 years (cheese 1 month)

Notes: The pasta is enough for 4 portions. If you don’t use all the pesto just add a layer of olive oil to the pesto and ideally consume within 3 days but if sealed well it keeps preserved for longer; the other ingredients keep well for longer periods of time also.


Pesto alla Trapanese 180g: Sicilian Pesto Trapanese. Our signature pesto from our London Supper Clubs originates from Trapani on the West coast of Sicily. The pesto is rich in Sicilian almonds, using 5 varieties of heirloom almonds from Val di Noto, which are paired together with basil, garlic, Sicilian capuliatu tomatoes & pecorino cheese roughly blitzed to the perfect texture. Made without gluten.


Serves: 4 portions for Pasta.


How to use it: Serve through a classic Sicilian shaped Busiate Pasta. You can also add in some fresh cherry tomatoes for extra texture or simply serve with seasoned cherry tomatoes and burrata on top, or on bruschetta!



Sicilian Sundried tomatoes (36.5%)

Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

Sunflower oil

Pecorino cheese (milk)

Almonds (Nuts) (10%) Val di Noto variety




Allergens: Indicated in bold. Milk, Nuts - Almonds. Made without gluten. May contain traces of nuts & shells, milk, sesame seeds, celery.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Shelf life unopened: 18 months

Storage: in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.


Sicilian Organic Artisanal Busiate Pasta 500g:

Libera Terra (“Freed Land”) champions organic and sustainable farming on hundreds of hectares of land taken from mafia organizations in Sicily, Apulia, Calabria and Campania. The organic durum wheat used for this Pasta is sown between November and January, in rotation with legumes, vegetables and forage. The semolina is cold-pressed (-40°C) to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredient. The Pasta is flat, and bronze drew giving a coarser, porous texture which helps the sauce or pesto bind to the Pasta shape creating an authentic flavoursome perfect bite with every bite. La Busiata is a type of western Sicily. Its name derives from the term “busa” which, according to some, refers to the knitting needle and, according to others, the stem of the disa, a Mediterranean grass. To prepare the Busiata by hand, the dough was rolled around the “busa”, giving it the characteristic corkscrew shape.



Organic durum wheat semolina (Gluten)



Allergens: Indicated in bold. 


Pecorino 100g:

A salty cheese made from 100% sheep milk. This cheese is hard and crumbly in texture. It’s a perfect cheese for grating over your Pasta instead of Parmesan.


Allergens: Indicated in bold. 


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