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Vegan Popcorn Advent Calendar - Free From Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soya

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The countdown to Christmas will be merry, POPping and 100% vegan with our delicious Popcorn Shed advent calendar!Behind each of the 24 windows you’ll find a bag of our ridiculously delicious handmade popcorn.

Merry Christmas, popcorn lover! There may only be 12 days of Christmas, but there are 24 packets of our delicious Mini Pop!® mini popcorn inside.

Popcorn Shed’s Mini Pop!® kernels have a significantly thinner hull than most other popcorn brands. This means that nearly all of the hull disintegrates when chewed. Virtually no hulls get stuck in your teeth and the popcorn is much easier to digest. 

Next to that, all Mini Pop!® flavours are VEGAN and FREE FROM gluten, dairy, soya and nuts, because we wanted to make sure literally everyone can enjoy the gift of popcorn. Call that the Christmas spirit! 

In this calendar, you will find 24 bags of mini popcorn, in 6 indulgent and delicious flavours:

  • Sea Salted - Sea Salted Mini Popcorn.
  • Sweet & Salty - Sweet and Salty Mini Popcorn. 
  • Salt & Vinegar - Salted Cider Vinegar Popcorn.
  • Toffee - Sweet Toffee Mini Popcorn.
  • White Truffle – White Truffle Mini Popcorn (Great Taste award winning 2019).
  • Smoky Maple - Smoky and Sweet Maple Mini Popcorn (Advent Calendar Exclusive!)

 This advent calendar contains all flavours of our Mini Pop! range, which is entirely VEGAN and LOW CALORIE

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