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Salt & Vinegar Craft Baked Peanuts (5 x 112g)

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Salt & Vinegar Peanuts, Oven Baked in the UK, Never fried or roasted.

"Putting Peanuts on A Pedestal!

We only use the finest Hi-Oleic Argentinian peanuts which are higher in Monounsaturated fats than 'regular' peanuts *.

Our peanuts are batch baked in the UK - never fried or roasted.

These little beauties are naturally seasoned with zingy salt & vinegar and ready to enjoy, and share, al desko or al fresco.

Stay Unruly, Carly & Joe


*This snack is high in Monounsaturated Fat. 39g of Monounsaturated Fats p/100g in Hi-Oleic Peanuts versus 19.7g of Monounsaturated Fats p/100g in 'Regular' Peanuts based on independent testing."

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