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Spread Sensation Garlic and Chive is a vegan, spreadable, fermented, nut based cheese alternative. Perfect for the Garlic lovers out there! Gluten and Wheat Free.

Spread Sensation Garlic and Chive - Vegan, Spreadable Cheese Alternative

Good Carma Foods is a small and innovative food business specialising in the development of a range of plant based products. Located in the heart of Carmarthenshire, Good Carma is owned and run by Charlotte Bates. Charlotte has been vegan since 2010 and was vegetarian for 10 years before that. Charlotte has always been passionate about animals and their welfare; and has a strong understanding and interest in health and nutrition.


Charlotte started Good Carma in the summer of 2013 in honour of her mother Lynne who died earlier that year.


“I wanted to help her by offering an alternative to dairy cheese without sacrificing flavour but using healthy ingredients as well. Good Carma’s cheese style products are now enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans alike”.


The aim and rationale of the business is to nutritionally help all people hence why the name “Good Carma” was chosen. Business policy includes ethical practices and the use of non GM soya.


Spread Sensation is a vegan alternative to mature cheddar cheese and is very tangy and tasty. It is high in protein and low in carbohydrates so good for Keto diet.  Palm oil free and Is a fermented product so good for gut microbiome.  Wheat and Gluten Free. Perfect on crackers, toast or in a cheese sauce.


Ingredients: Cashews (Nuts) Miso White (Water, soybeans, Rice, Salt, Ethyl alcohol, Yeast, Seed mould) Lemon Juice (Sulphites) Yeast Flakes, Dried Garlic Dried Chives.


Allergens: Cashews (Nuts), Soybeans, Sulphites.

Weight per unit= 150g Case Size= 6 units

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