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Super Protein Powder 950g

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High quality organic protein with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or additives. Vegan, artisan, Handmade in Wales.

Super Protein is an incredibly delicious and highly nutritious plant based, all natural blend.

A delicious, protein rich, absorbable superfood powder to feed your muscles and improve strength and stamina.
Packed full of protein rich superfood powders this unique blend is gluten, dairy, and yeast free as well as being 100% organic. It contains no artificial or processed sugars or sweeteners and is suitable for coeliacs and diabetics.
Paleo Protein powder.
Highly Nutritious Gluten Free Protein Powder.

Hemp Protein 33% and Pea Protein 33%, we’ve added Goji 6.6%, Lacuma 6.6%, Red Maca 6.6%, Yellow Maca 6.6% and Beetroot 6.6%

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