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Celebrating the Finest Local Tipples: English Wine Week


English Wine Week is a time-honored tradition that pays homage to the exceptional winemaking talents of England. Held annually, this celebration showcases the remarkable growth and success of the English wine industry. Among the standout stars of English wine, Gusbourne stands tall as a producer of outstanding English sparkling wines. Join us as we explore the magnificence of English Wine Week and discover the sparkling splendor of Gusbourne.

Gusbourne Vineyard

A Toast to Tradition

English Wine Week, typically held in May or June, has become a momentous occasion for wine enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the exquisite offerings of English wineries. This week-long celebration brings together vineyards, winemakers, and wine lovers to enjoy a wide range of events, tastings, and educational experiences.

Embracing the unique climate and terroir, English wineries have been steadily gaining international recognition for their elegant still and sparkling wines. With an emphasis on quality and sustainability, the English wine industry has flourished, producing wines that rival their renowned counterparts from around the world.

White wine toast between friends

The Rise of English Sparkling Wine

English sparkling wine, in particular, has emerged as a true star, captivating the palates of wine connoisseurs and experts alike. Benefiting from the chalky soils found in regions such as Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire, English sparkling wine bears a striking resemblance to the world-renowned Champagne. This resemblance has earned it the nickname "The Champagne of England."

The cool climate and extended growing seasons provide ideal conditions for the slow ripening of grapes, resulting in wines with vibrant acidity, refined bubbles, and remarkable finesse. The combination of traditional winemaking methods and cutting-edge techniques has allowed English sparkling wines to achieve the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Gusbourne: The Epitome of English Sparkling Elegance

 Gusbourne’s Brut Reserve, with its crisp acidity and notes of green apple and brioche, is a delightful introduction to the world of English sparkling wine, and is currently 15% off on our site until Sunday! (25th June) 

Among the distinguished names in the realm of English sparkling wine, Gusbourne has established itself as a true icon. Nestled in the heart of Kent, Gusbourne's vineyards benefit from the unique maritime climate and mineral-rich soils, which contribute to the exceptional character of their wines. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a delectable meal, Gusbourne sparkling wine exemplifies the artistry and expertise that have put English wines on the global stage. With each sip, you'll experience the undeniable charm and character that make English sparkling wines a true delight.

Gusbourne Brut Reserve

English Wine Week is a time to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the English wine industry and the emergence of English sparkling wine as a world-class beverage. Among the many outstanding producers, Gusbourne shines as a beacon of elegance and craftsmanship. 

So, whether you're a wine aficionado or simply curious to explore the wonders of English wine, raise a glass of Gusbourne sparkling wine during this English Wine Week and savor the epitome of English sparkling elegance. 




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