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Keep your office snacks stocked up with food and drink your staff will love. We provide everything from tea and coffee to biscuits and treats, condiments, crisps and soft drinks.

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Whether you’re looking for a unique corporate gift hamper, delicious treats for an event, or stock the office pantry with goodies, we’ve got you covered for food and drink from independent brands. Get in touch with our friendly team to help curate your order. The best way to enquire about our corporate services is to click the banner above and complete the form. However if you have an urgent inquiry please give us a call on 03331 212155 (Option 4).

In the meantime, why not browse some of our most popular collections and products below.

What are Corporate Hampers?

Corporate hampers, also known as corporate gifts or gift baskets, are a popular way for businesses to show appreciation to their clients, employees, or business partners. They typically include a variety of items, such as gourmet food, snacks, wine, and other gifts, and are packaged in a stylish hamper or box. Sending corporate hampers is good business practice. If you're interested in sending corporate hampers, there are a few things you should consider:

Research your recipient: Before you send a corporate hampers, it's important to understand who your recipient is and what they might enjoy. Getting it right with food and drink can be a lovely personal touch for business gifting but if you’re unsure, we recommend sending an e-gift card.

Send unique products: Corporate hampers are a popular gift option, so it's important to choose something unique and special that sets your business apart from the competition. FodaBox offers a variety of high-quality, gourmet items, and unique gifts that are not typically found in other corporate hampers.

Ensure you have the correct shipping address: You’d be amazed how many clients ordering corporate hampers don’t have the most up-to-date delivery details for their recipient. Don’t miss the moment by not spending a few to get those correct details.

FodaBox are specialists in the world of corporate hampers and corporate gifts. We can personalise, we can batch ship, we can work to budgets and we can hand-hold you through the entire process.

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