About Us

fóda [Old English] (n) - food, nourishment; fuel
We’re the company championing the independent sector. We’re the company backing the brands of tomorrow. Those have-a-go-heroes who create, innovate and put passion into the products they make. We’re the local store with a national presence. We love connecting customers to fantastic products. We are the home of independent food and drink.
The range is always expanding but through FodaBox you can expect to find food, drink, gifts from artisanal and independent producers, incredible hampers, and a huge range of gift baskets, alongside some hand-picked extras. Many have won Great Taste awards or solved issues that consumers care about - from environmentally-friendly packaging to sustainable ingredients. Our shelves are crammed with the latest nibbles, drinks and gestures and our team will always give you a warm welcome. Many items won’t be widely available and we hope you’ll find them as alluring and exciting as we do.
Our passionate team work tirelessly around the clock to make sure that the very best in independent food and drink is delivered to your doors up and down the country.
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