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FodaBox's Guide To The Ultimate Barbecue

With the sun set to show itself again, we think it’s about time we got outside and gathered together to enjoy a good barbecue. At FodaBox we know that the key to a great barbecue is a little bit of everything, and with our own custom curated category, there’s no better place to stock up on every smoky staple. So, without further ado, dive into our ultimate barbecue shopping list and make sure the next time the sun shows its face, you’re ready to cook!

Ultimate Beer Bucket

Supersized Beer and Snacks Gift


A barbecue is all about bringing people together... and what better way to start than with this excellent collection of expertly chosen brews from all over the UK! Compare different flavours and rest easy with a wide range of alcoholic content so that everyone can enjoy a refreshing tipple before the main event.

Coconaut - Sparkling Young Coconut Water 12 x 320ml

Coconaut - Sparkling Young Coconut Water 12 x 320ml

Glug! 100% Mango Juice 1L

Glug! 100% Mango Juice 1L

Perfect for the kids or anyone who just dosen't fancy anything boozy, our range of soft drinks including Coconaut Coconut Water and Glug! Juices are sure to keep everyone refreshed in the summer sun and go down a treat when paired with delicious smoky meats and good conversation.

Patatas Fritas Crisps 150g - Bonilla a la Vista


Bonilla a la Vista - Patatas Fritas Crisps 150g

A good BBQ always starts with a drink... and some crisps! This 500g tin of crisps is a must-have at any FodaBox barbie! Filled to the brim with perfectly light and crunchy crisps made from the finest potatoes cooked in cold pressed olive oil, lightly salted to perfection. The best bit? You definitely won't run out!

So that's it! Everything you need for the ultimate barbecue, FodaBox style.

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