Coast Drinks

Looking to elevate the gin and tonic experience, Coast Drinks, created a range inspired by the refreshing coast. Using sea salt as a key ingredient, their drinks have just enough to add mouthfeel and make you thirsty for another sip, without tasting ‘salty’. Suddenly, bitter notes are rounded, while sweet notes are naturally elevated, meaning far less sugar needs to be added.

Partnering with the Marine Conservation Society, Coast Drinks helps fight for clean seas and reduce ocean plastic.

All flavours have been inspired by a different coastal time and place. From maple soda enhanced with notes of toasted caramel, fresh marsh grapefruit soda with a slight hint of fresh-cut grass to their classic tonic water with a signature touch of sea salt and white-tea extract give a round minerality and savoury umami flavour.

Not to mention, all their products are winners of great taste awards!
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