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Creative Nature believe that allergies or intolerances shouldn’t stop you from having brilliant tasting food. There’s an overwhelming number of people in the UK alone who have to be gluten, dairy and nut-free. To tackle this, they created products which are Top 14 Allergen free and Vegan.

Ensuring none of their products have any ‘may contains’, and have strict procedures within their facilities to make sure that the products are completely Top 14 Allergen Free.

Creative Nature make sure to source the highest quality ingredients to maximize the health benefits to you, and ensure our products don’t contain the harmful heavy metals that can often be found in cheaper products.

Creative Nature work hard to make sure they have the most sustainable packaging without compromising the safety of our products. All of their products are palm oil free and they are very selective with their ingredient suppliers to ensure the following policies canbe met: Anti-Slavery, Anti-Animal Cruelty and Anti- Child Labour.
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