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Dottie’s is a cocktail brand with a difference. Named after founder's, Lauren, late grandmother, Dorothy, this brand follows 3 guiding principles - natural, sustainable and quality, meaning you can indulge in a decadent Espresso Martini guilt free.

Moving away from the cheap sugary canned drinks of the past and into a refined choice. Dottie's have stripped back their supply chain and crafted a beautiful cocktail using only 4 ingredients. At every step of the way they have carefully considered their ingredients and currently have a range of the best tasting Espresso Martini & Decaf Espresso Martini’s around.

Dottie’s is female founded and led with women empowerment at its heart, we are a canned cocktail brand that caters to the UKs growing attitude of ‘no compromise’ when it comes to their cocktail choice
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