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Nudie Snacks

One night, after a hard day's work, we're in our kitchen with a drink and a snack. The usual potato snack, with all the artificial flavourings and preservatives... and milk powder. It wasn’t doing it. So we get out some yellow post it notes and a marker pen, and we start writing words. Words for the type of snack we would love to be eating. We stick each one on our fridge.

So far so good. But what would the snacks be? We love coconut water, so something with coconut in it? We love pulses so how about lentils, chickpeas, broad beans, and split peas? Earlier I'd had a protein bar to keep me going at work. I might as well have eaten cardboard. Could we do a tasty, healthy protein snack as well?

So now we've got a fridge door full of yellow post-its. We know we want all our snacks to be plant based. They all need to be from sustainable sources and great for the environment. But what about a name? Was there one that would cover all those snacks?

We have a couple more drinks. Then it hits us. When you come into this world you're not wearing clothes. You are pure. You are perfect in every way. That's what we wanted our snacks to be - perfect and pure. So we start to come up with some names.

Birthday suit doesn't hit the mark. Neither does Starkers. Or In The Buff. Then we hit on it - Nudie. It seems to fit. Nothing hidden, nothing added, just pure unadulterated deliciousness. Nudie Snacks is born.