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TASTE Cocktails

TASTE Cocktails wants to help you make bar-quality cocktails at home! We sell a range of cocktail kits and equipment to help you discover new ingredients and recipes, and find your new favourites. We go into detail about the history of your drinks and the story of the people who created them in booklets in the box.

Each box contains premium ingredients and recipes to make 5-6 cocktails (with a little extra to taste), and information about the source and history of your drinks.

Our ingredients and recipes are selected in consultation with the UK’s best and most experienced bartenders and spirits experts, and our team are all cocktail fanatics in their own right.

What’s in a TASTE kit?

Each box contains a selection of recipes and all the main liquid ingredients you need to make them (5-6 cocktails per box, plus a little extra). We’ll leave it to you to find things like limes, an egg, or mineral water, but we’ll let you know before you buy if you need them, and we’ll remind you before it arrives so you have time to get them ready

The recipe booklet in each box also contains articles about the source and history of the ingredients, interviews with industry experts and hints and tips for improving your technique and tasting.

What about shakers and equipment?

We also sell equipment kits to make sure you have everything you need to start making cocktails straight away. The Mixologist Kit contains a shaker, jigger (measure) and a bar spoon, plus a muddler for smashing the flavour out of your ingredients, and a double-strainer for getting those martinis perfectly clear.