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The Big Banana Bread


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The Big Banana Bread

The Big Banana Bread Co started with aussie founder, Sharon Luff has always been passionate about banana bread. Having come from Australia, banana bread was always her go-to breakfast.

When she moved to the U.K in 2010 she wanted to share her love affair of Aussie banana bread with the world so she created a fail proof - 'just like home' recipe packed with bananary goodness and low in added sugar.

You don't need to be a baker to make amazing banana bread at home. Impress your friends and family with a hearty home baked loaf or a quick fancy fix for a school/work bake sale. Grab a slice before you head out for a run.

Grab three everyday pantry ingredients, mix it all up and chuck it in the oven - then you're minutes away from the biggest, tastiest banana bread you can get your hands on.