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Truffle Guys

Truffle Guys

Truffle Guys are on a mission to shake up the truffle world. Two friends. One lightbulb moment. A lot of truffles. Rikki and Jordan (the Truffle Guys) discovered a need for good quality truffle products and set out to create a truffle brand to love. One they know isn’t going to shy away from bringing those big, bold and velvety truffle flavours to the table (literally). One they can trust.

And so Truffle Guys was born.

For Rikki and Jordan, Truffle Guys has always been about making truffles attainable for everyone. No more shall they be bound by the chains of fine dining restaurants, fancy feasts, or ridiculous price tags. Their focus is on getting the luxuriousness of truffles into every Tom, Dick, and Harriet’s home kitchens - sharing simple truffle hacks to jazz up that pizza delivery or add that little bit of something special to homemade chips, pasta, or those mushrooms on toast for brekky. It’s about inspiring people to make their own truffle moments, and share them with the gang. Truffle Guys is not about exclusivity. They’re here to shake things up and for that means experimenting and breathing new life into the truffle game by creating some incredible combinations that just work.

It all starts with carefully selected suppliers who they work with across Europe. Once they’ve sourced the best of the best they bring them back to their London Truffle Factory (actual heaven) and get busy creating new products. The Truffle Guys personally taste everything and tweak it until it is perfect. Their favourites include the Gourmet Black Truffle Honey, Incredibly Addictive White Truffle Hot Sauce, Ultimate Truffle Mayo, and the Signature Truffle Dust.