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Wilfred's Drinks Limited

A quest for the perfect Spritz.

As we became increasingly frustrated by the uninspired, overly sweet and usually unhealthy non-alcoholic options available, both at home and when out, we decided something had to be done. And so started our quest to reinvent a drink for the new era of drinkers, a drink that captured all the complexity of the greats but without the alcohol. We unwittingly found ourselves reinventing the spritz…

It starts with innovation and ends with great taste.

As an engineer and inventor with a passion for cocktails, our founder Chris Wilfred Hughes embarked on a journey of exploration and experimentation. Flavour, quality and complexity were of the utmost importance, and this mindset led Chris to over 18 months of experimentation and more than 100 unique recipes to get Wilfred’s just right for the perfect Spritz.

Nature in a bottle, made with Great British quality.

Inspired by his travels around the world, Chris sourced every botanical he could find, from rare Japanese hibiscus to the aromatic English rose. His journey eventually led him back home to the authentic flavours he associates most with London - freshly picked rosemary from his mother’s garden, and the bitter oranges in his father’s homemade marmalade.