The FodaProjects are an exciting series of collaborations between FodaBox, the home of independent food and drink, and hand-picked Fodanists (yes, we did create that word) to bring you incredible limited edition, artisanal products.
We’re developing all of these products in-house and have total creative control over the quality and provenance of each product so you can be sure they’re all tried, tested and loved! From FodaBevs, to FodaFizz, we’re just getting started!
To kick things off, we’ve teamed up with the folks at Jiddler’s Tipple to create some astonishingly delicious beers!
Home brewing since 2017, Jiddler’s founder Jake has gone from strength to strength, growing his operation and partnering with By The Horns brewery in 2019 to scale his business. He caught our eye with his delicious, Great Taste Award winning beer and funky feel.
A big part of our FodaProjects is partnering with small business founders (Fodanists!) like him to uplift their voices and connect them with a wider market. We couldn’t be happier to be working alongside Jiddler’s Tipple to debut our FodaBevs.


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