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1110-GMK Gold

With the Ultimate Gin Making Kit, you will be able to make up to 10 bottles of your own unique botanical rich, fragrant gin. This includes creating your own show-stopping colour-changing gin and beautiful pink gin.Our gin making kit makes the most unique gift for gin lovers. The recipient will be delighted as they are able to experience gin in a completely different way and make up their own recipes! We provide some of our very own recipes within our Artisan Recipe Guide. But these are only guidelines and we encourage you to get creative!

We have provided all of the necessary tools so you can easily make your own gin and focus solely on the flavour! This includes a cocktail spoon and jigger so that you can nail the perfect serve every time! All you will need is a 70cl bottle of inexpensive vodka and you are good to go!


The Ultimate Gin Making Kit | 13 Premium Botanicals with Gold Bar Accessories | The Perfect Gin Gift

The Perfect Gin Gift to Delight Gin Lovers- There is more than one way to experience gin. The Ultimate Gin Making Kit has been thoughtfully assembled with British soured botanicals so that you can create delicious gin. You can even make colour-changing and pink gin within 3 days!

A Totally Unique Set- The Ultimate Gin Making Kit is the only set to also provide ingredients to create magical Colour-Changing Gin and elegant Pink Gin. We provide a very special botanical called Butterfly Pea Flower which causes your gin to go from blue to pink. We also provide Hibiscus, Rose Petals and Pink Peppercorns to make delicate pink gin. A guaranteed winner if you’re looking for gin gifts for women.

British Sourced Premium Botanicals- We source all of our ingredients in the UK from responsible suppliers. Our aim to create truly signature moments for Gin Lovers so finding the best ingredients for this set is a must. Each botanical has been meticulously tested to deliver on flavour and quality. We provide you with enough botanicals to make up to 10 large bottles.

Express your Creativity- The Ultimate Gin Making Kit is designed to help you get creative and try out your own recipes. We provide you with a recipe book to help you along but we encourage you to explore different flavours. We also provide expert gin accessories such as a gold cocktail spoon and double-sided jigger so you can nail the perfect serve!

Customer Service You Can Trust - Our core value at Vemacity is to create truly memorable customer experiences. If, however, you encounter any problems reach out to us directly and we will turn that frown upside down and that's a promise.

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