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Crafting a Sustainable & Ethical Culinary Legacy

At FodaBox, we believe in the power of great food and drink to bring people together. But our mission goes beyond satisfying taste buds – we're committed to creating a positive impact on our planet and future generations. Our approach to social responsibility is woven into the fabric of our business, focusing on two key areas: FodaFolk, centered around people, and FodaFootprint, dedicated to sustainability.

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FodaFolk: Building a Community of Care

Charity Champions

Our passion for supporting charities is ingrained in our values. We've created special hampers, like our limited edition Pride in London hamper, with 100% of proceeds benefiting akt, a national youth homelessness charity. Additionally, our partnership with City Harvest ensures that surplus stock doesn't go to waste, redistributing it to those who need it most across London.

Our People

At FodaBox, we're more than a business; we're a community of self-starters fostering a positive and inclusive culture. Diversity is celebrated, and we actively seek ways to enhance it as we grow. Regular employee feedback and engagement surveys guide our continuous improvement, ensuring our workplace reflects our core values of integrity, honesty, quality, and accountability.

Independent Producers

We champion independent producers, recognizing the challenges they face. Our business model goes beyond being a marketplace – we forge close relationships, offering guidance and support to nurture these emerging brands and help them thrive in the mainstream market.

Customer Focus

Empowering our customers to make ethical and healthy choices is at the heart of our platform. With dedicated categories for healthy and sustainable products, we provide educational guides to aid informed choices aligned with personal values.

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FodaFootprint: Sustaining Our Planet

Eco-Friendly Products

Many of our products are crafted with the planet in mind – from using surplus ingredients to packaging in sustainable materials. Supporting producers dedicated to positive impacts, such as reforesting the Amazon, reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging & Delivery

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. We are entirely plastic-free, utilizing recycled cardboard for void fill. Our packaging is designed for easy home recycling, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. We also opt for electric delivery vehicles whenever possible.

Fighting Food Waste

Efficiency throughout our supply chain helps minimize surplus stock and reduce food waste. Collaborating with City Harvest ensures that any excess, when it occurs, is redirected to those in need, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Ethical Supply Chain

We take pride in promoting positive impact companies that contribute to community development, reforestation, and wildlife conservation. Our commitment to an ethical supply chain reflects our vision for an inclusive and sustainable industry.

At FodaBox, we're not just curators of exceptional food and drink; we're stewards of a better future. Join us on this journey, where every bite and sip contribute to a more compassionate, sustainable, and inclusive world.

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