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FodaBox's Guide to a Cool Dad's Perfect Gift

Cool Dads. We all know a few, whatever their age. Whether it's racing along in their classic car, queueing for perfectly composed coffee, or leading the song at a protest march, these dads know how to have fun, without ever breaking a sweat. Their supreme knowledge of all-things-current make them hard to buy for… this, however, is where we come in.

From exclusive coffee combinations and hand-picked snack selections, to carefully curated pairings of ethically sourced, sustainable foodstuffs, read on and see if we can’t level-up Dad's larder with a delicious hamper that’ll make his day. 

Craft Beer Tasting Box

Craft Beer Tasting Box


Our Craft Beer Tasting Box is a perfect for cool dads who love a brew! This gift features 6 x 330ml delicious craft beers, including pale ale, blonde ale, saison, lager, and porter, all brewed by independent producers.

Delight Dad with a spectacular curation of new and boundary-breaking coffees from all over the world. Whether your dad likes cold brew with chocolate, a cup of Joe with beans roasted in the hills of Yorkshire, or caramel popcorn paired with single origin coffee supporting reforestation, he can do all of it at once with the Coffee Lovers’ Gift Box!

Designed with fathers in mind, this caringly curated gift box will make any Cool Dad’s day.

Raise your glasses and toast to the finer things in life with our Prosecco & Gourmet Snacks Gift Box. This hamper pairs the absolute best in the gourmet snacking world with our finest prosecco. This gift is perfect for those who want to experience our most luxurious artisan snacks with a glass of fizz.

We hope this guide has helped you with your gift-giving conundrums. Whether it’s an array of award-winning treats, premium in-house prosecco or a heavenly hampers, there’s a gift for every Cool Dad on FodaBox.
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