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FodaBox's Guide to an Outdoors Dad's Perfect Gift

The Outdoors Dad. A majestic breed of father. Suited in an anorak, walking boots and a rugged beard (or so they wish), these adventurers can be found on any footpath, heritage site or wooded area across the country. Prone to showing off their knowledge of the great outdoors, you can most likely find them crouching down, inspecting their map, a small insect, or what might be an animal track (probably a boot print). This particular trait makes these Dads excellent geography, science or history teachers and this is most likely where you might draw the closest reference.

The Lakes Distillery - The One Blended Whisky 70cl

The Lakes Distillery - The One Blended Whisky 70cl
Singular in name, well-rounded in nature. The One is a characterful blended whisky with the versatility to suit all occasions.

This is a singular blend of select grain and malt Scotch whiskies from Speyside and Islay with The Lakes Single Malt at its heart.

Complex yet balanced with fresh orchard fruits, butterscotch and a hint of smoke on the nose. Deliciously rounded on the palate with vanilla custard, lightly honeyed fruits and a touch of spice.

Non-chill filtered for a richer mouthfeel and fuller flavour. Bottled at natural colour.

The One enjoys a singular well-roundedness that makes it perfect to savour neat or enjoy as you please; on the rocks, with water, or in a chilled and refreshing highball.

The gluten-free beer market is becoming ever so popular, with innovative alternatives to traditional techniques and ingredients, and a focus on great flavour. Crisper and fruitier in taste, these beers make you feel less bloated while keeping the character of "traditional" beer.

This makes for a perfect gift for loved ones who prefer products with no gluten by necessity or dietary choice. With flavour at the forefront, each beer has been tried and tested by our team - all 100% FodaBox approved!

Some dads like walking, others prefer to cycle, all of them, though, enjoy a good craft beer. Now, our Outdoors Dads are big fans of nature, in every form, so we curated a special vegan selection of our favourite beers from the capital, just for him!

This Vegan Man Box has a delectable selection of treats to whet your appetite from pale ale flavoured popcorn to chilli & almond biscuits, delicious crisps and so much more.

This gift includes a bucketful of 6 x 330ml craft beers, such as IPA, blonde ale, and lager, paired with 1 x large bundle of 9 savoury snacks, such as nuts, pretzels, snack salami, crisps and more.

We hope this guide has helped you with your gift-giving conundrums. Whether it’s warm whisky rewards, craft beer curations or scrumptious vegan delights, there’s a gift for every Outdoors dad on FodaBox.

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