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Vegan and Ethical Gift Guide

Looking for ethically sourced, sustainably packaged or downright vegan gifts? We’ve got you covered! Our guide this week features all of our favourite collections and curations bursting with vegan and climate-conscious goodies! Enjoy!


Healthy Vegan and Gluten-Free Snack Box

Healthy Vegan and Gluten-Free Snack Box
Our Healthy Lifestyle Box is just the thing for anyone looking to make healthier choices. Even better, everything inside is vegan and gluten-free so those with dietary restrictions can enjoy delicious food and drink without any worries.

Each box is packed full of interesting and intriguing items, and of course, we've taste tested everything so it's all tasty too! You'll find awesome goodies like refreshing coconut water and sparkling juice, an immunity boosting shot, protein cereal, energy packed nuts and seeds, snack bars and more.

Vegan House Selection Chocolates 290g - Harry Specters

Vegan House Selection Chocolates 290g


A luxury vegan selection box of 16 filled artisan chocolates made with natural plant-based ingredients and hand-decorated with cocoa butter.


Recovery Health Gift

Recovery Health Gift


Our Recovery Health Gift is a pick me up or hug in a gift, whether it's a colleague, a friend or family who is recovering, it's the perfect gift that says get better soon. Including healthy drinks, snacks and treats; it's sure to cheer them up on the road to recovery.

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