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Award winning Pickle, Chutney & Sweet Chilli, based on a family recipe.

Lovepickle is an authentic Indian pickle made from the finest ingredients: ripe tomatoes, fresh chilli’s, garlic, ginger and a selection of spices.

Lovepickle and Lovechutney were launched in January 2013 by Michael Sohel to create his own food brand after leaving behind his management career in the City.

Lovepickle won a Great Taste Award and a National Chilli Award for Best Pickle (FFUK) in its first year of trading. “It’s a tremendous achievement and brings a valuable element of credibility to a quality and great tasting product. We hope to build on the strength of winning the awards and look forward to developing the business and the Lovepickle and Lovechutney range”.

Available in mild, medium, hot, extra hot and super hot.
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