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Introducing Original Beans

Climate positive, delicious and pure chocolate
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Original Beans Cacao Growers checking Cacao Pods
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Original Beans Chocolate Bar next to open and closed Cacao Pods on a Cacao Leaf

Every Chocolate Has a Story To Tell

Since 2008, our Bean Team ventures into the most remote, biologically diverse and threatened ecoregions - to bring original beans to you. Cacao is a product of its environment. When grown, harvested and fermented with craft and care, its flavours reveal the delicious secrets held by its distinct origins. Chocolate is a bit like jam: you are looking for more fruit, less sugar and nothing else. That’s why our ingredients mantra is a simple ”No More than Four”. Our chocolates are free from cacao blends, lecithins, vanilla, cheap sugar, industrial milk, and other additives. Unspoiled flavours make us the partner of choice for the world’s best craft makers, retailers and brands.

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Original Beans - Femmes de Virunga, Congo 55% Chocolate Bar 70g
 Original Beans - Udzungwa Chocolate Bar 70% 70g ontop of some open and closed cacao pods
Original Beans Cacao Beans being dried

Real Chocolate is Regenerative

And Original Beans is the rare real deal: pure chocolate that’s as delicious as it’s good… for people and the planet.

Since 2008, we have ventured into remote rainforests to source the world’s rarest & fairest cacao beans and transform the cultures of chocolate, food and luxury.

Our Motto: 100% regenerative

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Each product comes with a net-carbon negative foodprint.

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Beans from the world’s best and best paid cacao growers.

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Less is more when it comes to ingredients.

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One 4 One Trees

The world's longest-running one-for-one forestation programme.

Original Beans - Taste the Rare and Preserve It

Every purchase grows trees
For over a decade, we have been running our tree planting inititative. The first trackable tree planting programme One Bar: One Tree. OBOT has never been about just marketing, ticking a box, or only about trees. Our goal is to connect chocolate lovers and cacao growers in a way that is meaningful for both.

Ranked World’s No.1
Most Sustainable

We are ranked as the top sustainability
leader and awarded the “Good Egg” by the international Chocolate Scorecard.
The Chocolate Scorecard was founded by Be Slavery Free, Mighty Earth and VOICE network to rank social and environmental practices of international chocolate makers.

Empower Women & Fight Poverty
Original Beans actively empowers hundreds of women cacao growers to generate incomes and secure long-term livelihoods. In 2021, Original Beans paid 1,78 times the Fairtrade cacao price directly to growers.

Why Choose Original Beans?

Since 2008, we have ventured into remote rainforests to source the world’s rarest & fairest cacao beans and transform the cultures of chocolate, food and luxury. Today, we lead Europe's craft chocolate movement as a pioneer for regenerative business practices.

But we’re still miles away from our larger goal of creating a food culture that regenerates our world. In the meantime we promise that our chocolate will be the most delicious experience you’ll have fighting for the environment, its caretakers and


Our story of marrying chocolate and conservation may seem complicated but it’s actually quite simple. We make some of the world’s best chocolate from the rarest & fairest cacao beans around, and preserve these beans and their forest environments for future chocolate lovers. We’ve won all the major taste awards, are a favourite of top chefs, and have streamlined every aspect of our business to be people and planet positive. On our own we grow a regenerative business. Together, let's regenerate what we consume. Together 100% regenerative.

Unlike other chocolate companies who go in, buy what they need and then leave, our Bean Team stays. From the first meeting in a dusty village square to the moment when the growers are awarded “Craft Cacao by Original Beans” certification, we are in it with - and for - our partners in cacao.